Last updated 6/3/2013

Use the CONTACT button to find out other means of contacting Abruzzo Holidays ie. telephone, fax, mobile, skype.

The HOUSE PURCHASE section will offer advice and links for those who wish to buy any of the properties advertised on our site.

Like any country in the world Italy has its own culture, habits, traditions and peculiarities. It is a world apart from that of anglo-saxon character and there are sure to be ways unfamiliar to the uninitiated - hopefully some of the TIPS offered will help prepare and give food for thought.

The TRAVEL page offers practical advice based on personal experience. Arriving in Italy, travelling to and around Abruzzo can be simple given the correct advice, and apart from what is disclosed on our site we will give any help necessary to make it so.

Whatever information you might need, whatever difficulty you might have with the language, whatever your interests, we will do our utmost to help.