Nuts, olives and crisps are normally set on the bar - remember to use the little spoon provided rather than put your fingers in the bowl.
Unless you are a local or readily recognised you will be expected to pay the cashier (cassa) before receiving your panini, gelato, drinks etc. from the Barman.
Italy has a 'no smoking' policy with regard to public places which includes Bars and Pubs. 'Vietato Fumare'.

BEACHES (spiaggia)
Arrive early (8-8.30am) to get a choice spot on the beach and a place to park the car (parcheggio).
Pay for parking, either 1/2 day or full day - tickets can be obtained from the bars.
Be careful not to encroach the private areas on the beaches unless you want to pay.

DRIVING (guidare)
Make sure to have your driving licence and car details in the car at all times.
Autostradas, which are signposted in green, are toll roads so keep some coins and small notes handy.
When joining the Autostrada use the queue for 'Biglietti' (tickets) at the toll booth, and when exiting use the queue 'Con resto'.
Dipped headlights during daylight hours on all major roads.
Courtesy on the roads is not usually understood - flashed lights usually means annoyance or Carabinieri ahead.
Expect the unexpected - cars will exit from side roads at will so be aware.
Some traffic lights will have continual flashing amber meaning that they are not in use.
Overtaking on the Autostrada should be done with great caution as vehicles will approach from behind at speeds of 180-200 km/h and sit on your tail until you move.
Car-hire can be a dodgy affair in any country and Italy is no different, therefore check for damage before driving off and take photos when returning the vehicle.

MOBILE PHONE (cellulare)
Ensure that you are able to use your mobile abroad and are using a valid network - trying to organise anything whilst on holiday will be time consuming and costly.

MONEY (soldi)
Italy uses the EURO (€) .
It would be recommended to bring cash as Banking can be time consuming in Italy.
Most large towns have 'cash dispensers' so if you have a valid card ie. VISA, Mastercard, remember to bring your PIN.
Check your own bank for information on cash withdrawal versus travellers cheques.

SHOPPING (spesa)
Coming from the UK will mean a difference in weights and measures so a pocket calculator/app for conversions might come in handy, especially with monetary exchanges.
It is customary when entering small shops, butchers, bakers, Post Office etc. to salute the proprietor and other shoppers ie. 'Buongiorno/Buonasera' (Good Day/Good Evening).
It is necessary to wait for and take with you, a 'conto' (receipt).
In smaller shops do not handle the merchandise ie. fruit and veg, bread etc. as you will anger the shopkeeper.
Order your ham/prosciutto by weight (100gr. or etto) and not by number of slices or you might end up with more than you can chew.

SUN (sole)
It can be tempting to soak up the sunshine all day but midday sun ie. noon until 3.00pm, should be avoided, especially for young children.
Drink plenty of water during the summer months to avoid dehydration.
Sunglasses are a necessary item and should be purchased at home or at the airport unless you prefer to spend a lot of money on designer gear.