Discover Abruzzo

This part of the website offers you the chance to discover a little about Abruzzo:

Geography - the Location - where on earth is Abruzzo, the Terrain - a brief description about the natural habitat, the Climate during the various seasons and, the flora and fauna to be found in Nature.

Attractions - the many beautiful sandy and rocky Beaches, a résumé of the four main National Parks in Abruzzo, a few examples of the many intriguing Towns, the architecture and art encountered in the many Churches and medieval Castles situated throughout Abruzzo, and some of the other Activities available to the holidaymaker.

Culture - learn a little about the many traditions celebrated by the Abruzzesi, the religious Festivals commemorating the patron saints and the Sagre jubilating the local delicacies, and enjoy the art of traditional, classic, jazz and rock Music.

Cuisine - Eating can be simple or extravagant with many types of service although the Produce is usually the same. Dining out in the various establishments may offer different flavours and ingredients but traditional pasta Dishes can always be found on the menu. Abruzzo has a large variety of salumi, many types of fresh vegetables and of course numerous recipes for cooking Fish.